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A committed vision for consultancy

The cepheids are stars whose characteristic luminosity plays a key role in measuring distances in the universe. The most famous of them is the North Star. Our name represents both the desire to be a benchmark in lastingly assisting our clients to direct their choices and also the desire to work with them in their efforts to stand out from the competition.

No change, not even digital change, can be a success without people

Cepheïd Consulting was founded on two convictions:
1 - No ecosystem is safe from digital upheavals
2 - Successful and sustainable change is not passive


Innovating lastingly.

We work on innovative economic models. We seek out pragmatic solutions, even though they are designed "out of the box". And we are convinced that transformations succeed more by taking the human factor into account than by mastering the technology.


The consultants who work with you

Personality and flexibility for even greater ideas. Committed to your projects.

Vincent Escoffier

Associate Partner

Rihab Jribi


Mariam El Mesbahi


Jean Bosquet



Our job: Enlighten, engage and transform

We provide perspective about your choices and decisions, based on our experience in many business sectors. Together, we build the path to change with you and your teams, to focus resources on the same objective over the long-term. We support your teams in their missions working closely together to guarantee the pragmatism of our recommendations and to mobilise forces.


They have put their trust in us


Case studies

3 case studies, 3 consultancy and development models to suit individual ambitions.
Find out how Cepheïd works with companies as they head towards the future:
from objectives through to the end result.

Go-to-market optimisation



Case studies


See all Cepheïd news: information, innovations, new projects, thoughts, interviews...
It is within a moving world that the greatest ideas come to life!



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