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We provide perspective about your choices and decisions, based on our experience in many business sectors

Auditing digital maturity

Defining business and operational models

Providing support to investors and investment related to innovation

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Together, we build the path to change with you and your teams, to focus resources on the same objective over the long-term

Building together the path for innovative dynamics within a company

Creating new products and offers

Project guidance

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We support your teams in their missions working closely together to guarantee the pragmatism of our recommendations and to mobilise forces

Training et coaching teams

Project management

Expert contribution

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Our loyal customers

We work with major groups, industrial companies, operators, local authorities, regulators, private and public investors.

Caste study

Go-to-market optimisation


Telecoms operators operate on varied markets which are all highly competitive. Their market launches must ensure a relatively large number of offers, products and services launched with a high level of market flexibility and responsiveness. The performance of these activities is key and requires regular adjustment.

Notre mission

Support an operator with the optimisation of its in-house operations for go-to-market activities, whilst respecting its strategic objectives, high level customer experience for example. Once the adjustments were defined, Cepheïd Consulting supported the operational launch and staff changes (coaching, training, etc.).



Today, digital solutions are rising to the challenges of green networks and public services some of which are managed by local authorities. Existing audits for digital requirements and solutions often neglect the potential and demands of small towns and their surrounding areas.

Notre mission

A public investment fund entrusted Cepheïd Consulting with a survey on the development of digital solutions for towns of 8,000 to 25,000 people and their surrounding areas (village communities).
The study finalised in January 2015 was widely published.



The Internet of Things and smartphones in particular offer new possibilities for travel operators. In particular, IoT provides better information about its customers and what they use with the end-objective of optimising the value provided. Today in France, drivers pay motorway tolls either with Liber-T badges, with an anonymous credit card transaction or with cash. The introduction of a new payment method using NFC technology opens up interesting opportunities for tapping into today's anonymous customers.

Notre mission

Our customer, a motorway operator, asked us to support the launch of a pilot smartphone payment service for tolls, assessing the relevance of such a solution. A pilot project was launched in April 2015.